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Sanskrit Quote Category: Wealth

सहसा विदधीत न क्रियां अविवेक: परमापदां पदम्

वृणुते हि विमृशकारिणं गुणलुब्धा: स्वयमेव संपद:

English Translation of Sanskrit quote:

One should not act suddenly (without judgment). Bad judgment is the seat of greatest disasters. Liking the virtue (of good judgment) wealth, itself, takes (goes) to them who think & act.

Commentary on Sanskrit quote:

I certainly remember the big bullish share market a few years ago. Anybody who knew even a bit about the share markets & stock prizes was commenting authoritatively about uptrend share market had & how much money they should invest to benefit best from it. Those who were in a hurry to cash in on their profits indiscriminately invested in the stocks, bonds & securities only to know of their ill fates as the stock markets crashed a few days later. A few wise men had gone to the stock market & financial investment analyst & were told that this is only a bloated market & not a real uptrend. They restrained from investing in stock markets & probably invested in some other type of financial investment & got assured returns on their investment. Those who had acted hurriedly had nothing left with them. There goes the English saying “Let the bubbles settle before you take the cup of tea.” So if one wants to prosper one should have a discriminating mind which tells him what is good & what is bad for him & his business. Only with the ability to take right decision at the right time can one get along the path of success. So use your judgment properly & to the best of your ability.

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