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Sanskrit Quote Category: Virtues

श्रोत्रं श्रृतेनैव न कुन्डलेन दानेन पाणिर्न तु कंकणेन

विभाति काय: करुणापराणां परोपकारैर्न तु चन्दनेन

English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:

Of kind hearted people, (their) ear glows by (the knowledge) heard (by the ear) & not by the ear ring (worn on ear), (their) hand glows by the donation (given) by the hand & not by bracelet (worn on wrist), their body glows by the selfless deeds done (by them to others) & not by (anointment with) sandalwood (oil).

Commentary on Sanskrit Quote:

This is a Sanskrit quote which emphasizes the “real” ornaments of the human body. The author has described the various virtues verses physical embellishments. It gives us a message to cultivate these virtues within ourselves. Generally, the physical ornaments that we wear to adorn the body wear out with time. As opposed to this, with advancing age the mind matures. A matured mind cultivates more virtues. Hence, with time these virtuous ornaments do not wear out unlike the physical ornaments. To develop these virtues one has to develop his mind & elevate one’s conscious to a higher level. Only an elevated soul can realize the omnipresent power of the god, the creative energy of this universe. With this comes the realization that all living creatures are merely the reflections of a unique source of energy that we call god & hence all are one & same. Hence when an elevated soul does service to somebody else he is taking himself to the higher goal of self realization. Try & “see through” the meaning of this quote. “De-attach” yourself from this mundane world of physical beings & elevate yourself to a world of eternal bliss & happiness.

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