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Sanskrit Quote : Category Good Speech

कटु क्वणन्तो मलदायका खला:

तुदन्त्यलं बन्धनशृङ्खला इव।

मनस्तु साधुध्वनिभि: पदेपदे

हरन्ति सन्तो मणिनूपुरा इव॥

English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:-

Spewing dirty, harsh speech, the wicked, torture much, like an arresting iron chain. The good, on the other hand, captivate the mind at each step,by their nice (sweet) speech like bejeweled anklets."

Commentaryon Sanskrit Quote:

This time, it is about good and bad speech from Banabhatta. This is taken from "Kadambari".
This seems so obvious and oft-written, but going by the way it is taken for granted, the purport is usually missed. We hardly stop to think about our daily speech and its consequences, before it is uttered. There is a proverb in kannada to this effect- "ಮಾತು ಆಡಿದರೆ ಹೋಯ್ತು, ಮುತ್ತು ಒಡೆದರೆ ಹೋಯ್ತು." a speech is done when it is uttered and a pearl is spoiled when it is broken- they can never be the same.
Restraint over thought and speech is something hard to come by. Everything happens in MIND as the Buddha says, before it is translated into deeds. Tongues wag as if by force of habit. A little restraint goes a long way in setting a salutary mood around. The quality of being taciturn or silent is for the same reason extolled very much in every literature. They say "Silence is Gold".
Our speech reveals so much about us- our mood and mindset, our upbringing and our culture, our education and tolerance-level. It is interesting to note the simile Banabhatta uses to denote harsh and healing speech. The harsh and unwelcome speech is like an iron chain which can taint by rust. It also gives out an unmusical clang when it is shaken. We speak such harsh words, most of the times it makes a deep dent in the mind of the hearer. It also transfers the dirt of thought to another person just as an iron chain showers rust.
A person with his sweet disposition and healing words is comparable to a bejeweled anklet with its musical and timid -jingling sound. It pleases and attracts, creating an ambience of friendship and love. You ask for more of it.

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